About Us:

The purpose of the South Interlake Seniors Resource Council (SISRC)  is to assist senior and disabled persons who reside in Stonewall and parts of the rural municipalities of Rosser, Rockwood and Woodlands to continue living independently and with dignity in their own homes for as long as possible by putting together a cadre of well trained, willing and cheerful volunteers to assist those requiring either transportation, home visits, housecleaning, short term mobility equipment loans, access to lifeline program or resource information

The South Interlake Seniors Resource Council is governed by a volunteer board made up of members of the communities that it serves. Board members are appointed/elected at the annual meeting of the Council. The Board meets monthly with the exception of July and August.

The business office of the SISRC is located at 144-622 Centre Avenue, In The Lions Manor, Entrance 5. The Council employs two resource coordinators for the Seniors Resource programs.



The South Interlake Seniors Resource Council, Inc. will strive to achieve its mission by:

  1. providing a home support system geared to each client’s physical and emotional needs;
  1. putting in place volunteers and fee-for-service workers to assist clients to maintain their independence and well-being;
  1. treating all clients and their families in a respectful and confidential manner;
  1. providing programs and services to enrich the quality of each client’s life and to promote socialization, foster self-worth and strengthen community ties; and
  1. working in partnership with other community and appropriate agencies.

The South Interlake Seniors Resource Council, Inc. will strive to maintain the highest standards of support for people over the age of fifty-five and for those needing special support.



The Interlake Regional Health Authority, through Manitoba Health, provides funding on an annual basis to hire staff to coordinate services provided by the S.I.S.R.C. Additional funds, used to help cover operational expenses, are gratefully received from the Town of Stonewall and the R.M.s of Rosser, Woodlands and Rockwood. Some fundraising and the financial support from local foundations also help cover extra costs.

Donations Gratefully Accepted!
Charitable # 12802 3553 RR0001