Our Services


Programs offered through S.I.S.R.C. are run on VOLUNTEER POWER! All volunteers are required to complete a criminal record check and Adult Abuse Registry. We are always looking for volunteers to assist us with Driving, Friendly Visiting, Telechek, Administrative and Program assistance. If you wish to share your time and skills to assist us, please call or drop into the office. Any amount of time that you could spare is greatly appreciated.


Fee for Service Workers

Our HOUSECLEANING & HANDY HELPER PROGRAM is available through reliable housecleaners, yard maintainers and trades people. These individuals are required to complete a criminal record check and are usually referred by a satisfied client. If you need assistance please call the office.

Driver/Escort Program

If you require assistance with transportation, arrangemnets can be made for a volunteer driver to pick you up and take you to your destination. A rate schedule is available that outlines the amount needed to reimburse drivers for the cost of gas.


Equipment Lending Service


Handy Helper & House Cleaning


Victoria Lifeline

Lifeline is a personal response system that provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Assistance and emergency services are available to you at the push of a button. Ask about our Auto-Alert!
Local volunteers provide the installation and maintenance of Lifeline equipment.
An installation and monthly fee is required and payable to Victoria Lifeline.



Meals On Wheels


Friendly Visting/Telechek

If you or someone you know would benefit by having a volunteer visit on a regular basis, this can be arranged. Time may be spent sharing hobbies, reading aloud from newspapers, playing games or just plain having a chat.
For someone who lives alone, a daily hello and conversation with a cheerful voice can be very reassuring. Telechek can also reduce the number of times that someone is ill or injured without anyone being aware of the situation.



E.R.I.K (Emergency Response Info Kit)

E.R.I.K. is a kit that magnets to your fridge and contains pertinent information which aids emergency response personnel to assist you more quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

ICE – In Case of Emergency Sticker
Please drop into our office for this sticker to be  placed on the back of your cell phone and for more information.

At Home Hair Care

For Seniors that are unable to leave their home, S.I.S.R.C. provides a list of hairdressers that will come into your home. Call our office for more information.

Form Assistance & Resource Information

Assistance is available to help with the completion of difficult forms and provide information on resources. Drop by our office and pick up a Free copy of our SENIORS RESOURCE GUIDE which is full of information that is local and government.