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South Interlake Seniors Resource Council

Supports to Seniors in Group Living

Connecting seniors living in congregate settings with enhanced support services to help them live actively and independently in their community.

Supports to Seniors in Group Living (SSGL)

In 2008 the Interlake (now Interlake Eastern) Regional Health Authority asked the SISRC to sponsor a program for the Supports to Seniors in Group Living (SSGL) program at Crocus Manor. This program began with a part-time resource coordinator whose office was situated with the other resource coordinators. Their position focused on running programs and activities in Crocus Manor in Stonewall.

The SSGL is still located in the same office as the Community Resource Coordinators but now focuses on assisting seniors with accomplishing their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s). Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are life management skills which allow an individual to remain independent in the community. The Supports to Seniors in Group Living Coordinator provides a range of free enhanced support services to seniors living in group living facilities. By providing these enhance services, the SSGL can support residents to remain in their community and “age in place”.

Who is Eligible to Receive the SSGL Services?

In areas where SSGL programs are offered, any senior who is living in a congregate setting (seniors housing building), and who would benefit from enhanced support services to keep them active and independent in their community are eligible.


Assistance with securing transportation for medical and personal use, i.e. handi-van, volunteer driver, cab.

Home Maintenance

Assistance with light house maintenance, changing a bulb/batteries, hanging a picture, watering plants, changing time on clocks etc.

Financial Skills

Assistance with paying bills (arranging transportation to financial institution), identifying currency, counting change.


Using a telephone to make and receive calls, reading & writing assistance, assistance with forms, preparing & mailing a letter.


Assistance with purchasing groceries, clothing and other items, memory for grocery items, selecting items with a list, reviewing flyers, making correct change.

Light Housekeeping

Assistance with bed making, assistance with laundry – moving wet clothes from washer to drier, help with the machines, folding etc., assistance with keeping living space free from clutter and dirt, referral to fee for service person where needed.

Meal Planning

Assistance with healthy food choices and meal planning, assistance with following cooking instructions, and appliances e.g. microwave, assistance opening jars, bottles etc., food prep & food safety – checking expiry dates etc.

Friendly Services and Referrals

Providing friendly visiting and/or friendly phone calls, accompaniment on a walk, as well as information on services available to seniors and referrals to these services.

Support SISRC

All our services are made possible with the help of our volunteers. If you’re interested in donating some of your time and talent to the SISRC we’d love to hear from you.